Thinks to know

Things to know before you book.

Hello Gentlemen and welcome to London Gay Massage.

In this page you will find useful information you should know before you book. Please take two minutes to read it thank you.

Welcome to my home based studio massage place. My name is Alex, Looking at my website will help you to know more about me and all the treatments I do, I am not just the ordinary massage therapist but I also do top to bottom male grooming services. From full S. E. massages to facials, waxing, body scrub,body polish,  body mud wrap, eye treatment ,hair trim and much more. Just ask when you call 😉 Please when you call mention. LondonGayMassage.

Most of my clientele are over 45yo.  It will be my pleasure to talk to you and give you the best massage experience you want. All men are welcome married, bisexual, straight, gay and any sexuality you identifying yourself in.  

I am a very nice and friendly guy to talk so you can call without feeling nervous, please when you call or txt be nice and polite as I am, if you sound aggressive or rude I have the rights to cancel your booking.

Please note: I don’t mind what is your age, your size, your skin colour, your disability, your hight your sexuality and so on.  I do care who is each individual and if you are difficult, rude, aggressive manners, not professional, not a good person I do not want you to contact me. if when you call you are one of those I will refuse your booking. Everyone is welcome. Please remember what’s happening in the world right now let’s treat everyone with love and respect. LOVE IS LOVE.

I worked and studied very hard to be the best at what i do,  I qualified at the London College Of Beauty and Therapy in Oxford Circus with NVQ Levels 1,2,3 and 4. So any treatments you will choose will be done with high standards.

If you prefer to txt rather than calling me please be accurate and short message regarding the date and time you want to book. I will not engage in long conversations please do understand this is purely business.

When you book a S. E. massage it’s a wonderful feeling that both we will receive from the massage.  

I have been very lucky in life to be where I am now, I dedicated  all my time effort and 100% of my energy to give you the ultimate massage experience. I know by far if you have a massage with me or “any other treatments i do”  you will know and maybe say was the best massage experience I ever had and one of the reasons I say that is because I have regulars for the last 10 years and they still come to see me.  I can read your body every inch of it i can make to move in the directions of building up your energy with mine  going with the flow where  it take to a full relaxing experience.

The clients should contact me are the ones who really enjoy been massaged be looked after, who wants a good massage with extra touch of relaxation feeling different movements at one times thinking there are more people in the room doing the massage slowly feeling both energies rising up. I guarantee you if you do love massage you will not be disappointed.

I am now open for business,  I always clean  the treatment room before and after each client. The massage couch has clean paper towels for each client. 

Please note; I use WhatsApp you can txt me or call me directly for a quick response If I do not answer means I am with a client I will reply as soon as I can thank you.

I worked on a cruise ship as a massage therapist 12 hours per day doing massages  so you know when you book a massage or any beauty treatment you will be in good hands.

Any treatment you will choose it will be done with care and professionalism to high standard. 

You are welcome to combine different treatments at once. If you do want more than one treatment let me know and i will give you a discounted price please mention it. 

Please when you call  let me know what treatment(s) you want,  the prices are next to each treatment. 

Each treatment I do will be tailored to your needs. 

Please don’t call me with private number as I will ignore the call. I will not txt you or call you, so you can trust me by calling me with your number.!

If you can’t call txt messages are welcome please txt me day, time and the treatment(s)  you want. I will reply to you as soon as I can otherwise for quick response please call me.

I provide different treatments for everyone, please see what you want then contact me to book.  

 Before you book a massage please click on the bar menu under “massage benefit” see benefit and if you have any contra-indications, mention when you call or once you are here.

You are guaranteed a very fulfilling exciting and yet caring meaningful experience. You will have your muscles properly worked whilst at the same time be gently stimulated to relaxation.The massage is not a ‘rub then tug’ but one that takes you on a journey of full relaxation. You start by receiving a proper back, neck and shoulder massage then gradually I integrate to make your body relaxed. I follow your mood and I will make the massage very relaxing. 

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