Price list all beauty treatments for men

New treatment the ultimate sea minerals naked body scrub plus body polish. This is a V.I.P for your whole body. It’s a wonderful experience. It starts with the sea minerals exfoliating the whole of your body removing dead skin once it has been done you will go for a shower to remove the dead skin, then on your wet body i will be applying the body polish this will gentle cleanse with out stripping precious oils for heathy glowing skin once is done you will go again for a shower to get rid off all the impurities. To conclude I will be massaging body cream including genital areas leaving your body feeling refreshed and energised making you ready for days to come. You can add any of the sensual masssges I do. Choose your favourite massage and the length of time you want. 

Offer Full naked body scrub and body polish – £49 

Full naked Body scrub – £30 

Full Naked body polish – £30

Hair trimming – from £10

Ear candling – £15

Reflexology- £30  

Price list Beauty Treatments

 Facial treatments:

One hour Pure Collagen face mask (including face, arms, legs massage)  most popular – £49

45 min Pure Collagen face mask (with out arms, and legs massage )- £39

One hour mud face mask (including arms and legs massage) – £49

45 mins mud face mask (with out arms and legs massage) – £39 

Thirty minute express facial – £25

Eye treatments:

Eyebrow shaping for men (waxing and threading) – £10

Eyebrow tinting – £5

(You can combine an erotic massage with reflexology) Reflexology helps with back pain, migraine headaches, arthritis, sleep disorders, sports injuries, digestive disorders, stress related conditions and many other body disorders. 

Please ask if you want more information.
Infrared lamp treatment for muscular back pain and stiff muscles. 

One hour treatment and massage – £50

Just back from Thailand: new treatments available. 

Traditional Thai massage,  One hour £75 

Thai foot and leg massage 45 mins £40

If you would like a regular, weekly therapeutic massage 

 One hour – £45 

Ninety minutes – £65 

(includes stretching) (if you want stretching) four treatments are payable in advance.

If you book two erotic massages in a week, you will receive a third one for free. (the free massage has to be with in one month of the second massage you have)

Crazy Monday Special prices on a Monday. If you want a erotic massage on Monday, you will get a discount. Just mention Crazy Monday when you call.

Professional Massage Price List. Gay massage.

If you only would like to have a professional services. please refer to the price list below.  

Minimum charge £50

Professional Massage price list.

Massage techniques for low back pain, sciatica, hip and  glut pain relief.

Half hour – £30

One hour. 30 minutes pain relief 30 minute body massage – £60

Full body massage (light pressure) (no work on tensed muscles) One hour – £55

Ninety minutes – £70

Deep tissue full body massage

One hour – £70

Ninety minutes – £90

Ninety minute massage – £80 (Seventy five minute full body massage + fifteen minute body stretch)

Swedish massage

One hour – £60

Ninety minutes – £85

Thai massage

One hour – £60

Indian head massage

Thirty minutes – £25

Foot massage 

Thirty mins  – £35 

Aroma therapy

One hour – £70

Ninety minutes – £95

Back, neck and shoulder massage

One hour – £50

30 mins – body stretch – £50

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