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Please note: The redness of the skin is present in the photographs as they were taken straight after the treatments. The redness will return to its natural skin colour in a couple of hours.

There are two videos on waxing. They will show how I do waxing on the back, the sack and the crack.

New wax for private areas More effective, less painful. 100% Natural. ‘Sugar-it’ grips easily to the toughest of hairs, but not to the skin, hence it is less painful to remove than wax. Unlike some other methods of hair removal, ‘Sugar-it’ is effective on all skin types and all hair types, whether the hairs are dark, fair or even grey.

if you are concerned about the pain of the wax why don’t you try our new wax for private areas More effective, less painful. 100% Natural.

New premium wax is available  you can choose to have your wax with normal wax or premium Egyptian wax please mention when you booking you want premium wax.

Pricing: Under arms – £10 (premium Egyptian wax) £20

Half leg – £10 (suitable for tattooed guys) (premium Egyptian wax) £15

Both legs – £30 (premium Egyptian wax) £50

Half arm – £15 (suitable for tattooed guys) (premium Egyptian wax) £20

Both arms – £26 (premium Egyptian wax) £35

Back – from £25 (premium Egyptian wax) from £35

Chest and abs – from £25 (premium Egyptian wax) from £35

Neck hairline – £10 (premium Egyptian wax) £15

Hands only – £5 (premium Egyptian wax) £10

Abs – from £10 (premium Egyptian wax) from £15

Chest – from £10 (premium Egyptian wax) from £15

Upper back & shoulders – £20 (premium Egyptian wax) £30

Speedo line – £15 (premium Egyptian wax) £25

Butt only – £25 (premium Egyptian wax) £35

Butt crack only – £30 (premium Egyptian wax) £40

Balls only – £35 (premium Egyptian wax) £35

Balls and ring of penis – £40 (premium Egyptian wax) £45

Boyzillian (sack/penis/pubic hair) – £45 (premium Egyptian wax) £55

Hollywood – £50 (premium Egyptian wax) £60

Full body wax from £100 (premium Egyptian wax) from £150

Ears – £10

Nose – £10

Ears/nose – £15