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All comments are genuine from clients who have visited me and wished to write a review with out me asking, I thank you so much for your comments. I want to add if wasn’t for all of you to give me trust I wouldn’t be where I am now, so once again thank you to all of you who made me to be who I am now.

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  1. I have had my first waxing experience here ! I had a full intimate wax and under arms and I can honestly say that Giovanni made both the treatment and the prospect of it much easier than I thought . It was far yes painful and intrusive than the media would have you believe . The entire process and location were relaxing and professional with care taken at all stages . I will definitely be returning ! In summary , professional , caring and excellent value Thank you !
  2. Just left Giovanni floating on air!! His massage is by far the best l've had. A truly deep, sensitive, therapeutic experience. He has learned how to really connect with his clients and believes in a quality service. A spiritual escape from the pressures of London life! I'll be back....
  3. I received Giovanni's services of waxing, facial and massage two or three weeks ago, and that was my first time of doing waxing. As my first waxing experience, I didn't feel embarrassed or particularly painful like many people said over the internet but quite an experience, in a positive way. I did quite enjoy the facial session. When i was under the mask, Giovanni did massage my arms and legs, which I felt relaxed or being pampered holistically. Overall, I did enjoy the service, and probably I'll go back for waxing facial and a truly wonderful experience on his massage services.
  4. I had booked a waxing session with Giovanni and I can honestly say it was the best treatment of waxing I have ever had. Not only is he professional and experienced - Giovanni is able to put you at ease with his personable connection with you and he carefully works around your waxing areas ensuring a perfect result. He constantly kept me informed on how my hair follicles are and how he was going to tackle waxing - he has given me wonderful advice on after care and really took his time to do an excellent job. He is strong and gentle in his touch that is comforting and soothing - He is truly one of a Kind and from now on my regular Waxing Therapist... Much Love, Hiten Mistry
  5. Vin
    Wow, amazing,refreshed, feel like I've been to heaven n back was my message to Giovanni. Just wanted to say my first ever massage was amazing with Giovanni. I was made to feel comfortable from the moment I spoke to him on the phone to the time I arrived and through the massage. Giovanni spoke gently and asked questions to find my needs and made suggestions on small changes to improve daily living. We discussed different massage suitable for me and explained exactly what was involved putting me at ease. I finally lay on the clean comfy massage table where the magic started to happen with his hands. Using massage oil he was able to completely relax me with the deep tissue massage which I opted for. I could have easily stayed for another hour or two trying different treatments available so will definitely be returning in the near future for further treatments. Thanks once again Giovanni. I ditto all the reviews you've had and can honestly say I agree with them all. See you soon :)
  6. UJ
    Giovanni's work is absolutely amazing - I visited him 3/4 days ago for a waxing treatment and i must say he's a master at it! I am very pleased with the results and shall definitely be going back again. He's a very caring person and I am sure all his clients must leave feeling very pleased. It was my first time with him and I felt like I had known him for ages as he made me feel very relaxed. Till now waxing is something I would not have classed as a relaxing treatment but with him its exceptional. Also he's very meticulous! Once again - Thank you so much!
  7. Wow - what a treat. I booked for half a day SPA treatment for a massage and grooming before going on holiday, and was totally floating on air when I left - already on holiday! Giovanni is generous with his time, and sets the perfect atmosphere with a welcome chat and green tea in his large treatment room that is furnished to make you feel relaxed and at home ( not at all like a clinic). We discussed which treatments I would like in the fixed price Spa half day. Giovanni was totally flexible; the massage could be any length and I could choose from a range of treatments. I melted into a heated table with plenty of fluffy white towels for the most perfect massage. He certainly understands the male body and releases muscular tension with slow, firm, whole body and targeted strokes. Uniquely raising energy by connecting with the rest of the body whilst he is working another area. Total professional - fabulous massage.I had chosen some waxing and eyebrow threading which followed after short break. The grooming was totally expert and way better than I have had in in any waxing salon or brow bar. Giovanni is superb and clearly takes great pride in his service, his treatments and in looking after the total well being of his customers. What a superb experience - why would you go anywhere else - this guy is skilled, professional, beautiful and makes you feel a million dollars.
  8. I’ve been to see Giovanni for a massage twice now and it’s worth every penny. He makes you feel right at home the minute you walk through the door. He starts with a chat about what type of massages he does and he puts you right at ease. He’s Italian and absolutely charming. He has green eyes are mesmerizing too. He's just a really, really nice guy who loves what he does. He gets as much out of the massage as you do. I had my first massage on a table and the second on a mat on the floor. Both were exception. A 60 minute session just wasn’t enough. Afterwards I felt like a new person and the next day as I walked to work I felt great. Giovanni’s prices are very reasonable. I will be coming again. Thank you Giovanni for making my day. James.
  9. Bob
    He's among the best at what he does in London. Guaranteed you will leave feeling rejuvenated and happy after a massage. Totally recommend.
  10. Found Giovanni after searching online and so glad I did. I had tried other male saloons in the past for waxing but never felt as smooth or painless a process as it did with Giovanni. I came in and was sat down. We talked through all the different options and picked what was best for me. Giovanni Made me feel so comfortable and relaxed that it was actually a pleasant experience even on those tender areas. I highly recommend his hair removal treatment. He took his time and made sure I was completely happy with the final product of which has latest longer than any I have had before and workout the horrible redness or spots after. I will be back!
  11. Met Giovanni, a good looking guy for the first time. I don´t want to go into graphic details but this person is so professional, amazing, friendly, gentle and caring. He knows exactly how to relax you and prepare you for what you want. I had a shoulder, back and bottom sugering treatment, followed by grooming of my chest and belly, ending up with with a fantastic, long, deep massage I never will forget. All this without pressure against the clock. When I left I felt destressed, smooth and delighted. You will not be disappointed and I´m sure you will go back again. I will for sure. Whatever you do book him. My very best wishes to you Giovanni and thank you so much. Erik Sweden
  12. Giovanni exudes a warm and charming energy which immediately relaxes you and prepares you for treatment. I had a sugaring treatment which lasted an hour although it felt much longer as we chatted and laughed constantly. The sensation was quite pain-free despite having hair removed from sensitive regions, and there was no lasting redness or irritation. Within an hour I felt de-stressed, de-haired and delighted. I will be switching to Giovanni as my regular therapist and recommend him to any guys looking for a smoother finish!
  13. .....this is how it was......after a 10 mile walk on Sunday I was so in need of a massage on Monday , my masseur who I visit regularly has moved out of London, so I discovered Giovanni on the web . I called and he immediately answered, but was unable to see me at such short notice at the time I specified has he already had a client booked, however I was able to switch my appointments and we agreed a midday appointment the following day . On arrival at Shadwell station he came to meet me , I recognised him immediately from the website . He took me to his apartment which was beautiful and spotlessly clean . He gave me tea and talked me through the procedure in beautifully spoken English with an Italian accent. What followed was like no other experience I have ever had before . His hands glided over my body , pressing firmly on the parts that so needed attention , covering every inch of my body . Never once hurting me , so caring, so professional . Half hour in and my body completely relaxed . I became almost hypnotised by the energy coming from his body . I had booked the two hour session that I strongly recommend ,and at the end of this incredible journey my 50+year old body now felt 30 again , my mind was transferred back to when I was a teenager , having that crush on the boy in the 6 form that every one wanted. We talked as though we had known each other a lifetime , his art of conversation was superbly delivered , and his knowledge of the world was so inspiring . He also has a wicked sense of humour ! After a fabulous shower with only the finest bath soaps on offer , To conclude , Gentlemen, those of you who have the little red or black book tucked inside that office drawer with numerous telephone numbers in it ..... bin it .....or those of you who prefer the contacts list in the I phone or pad ....delete them . The only number you now need is the one above .... and yes Giovanni I for one will be back . Thank you. Andrew. D.
  14. Lex
    Hi Gio I just want to express my appreciation for the treatment I received on Saturday, for your professionalism, your expert advice and willingness. The Infra-Red experience was truly amazing. Has days goes by my problem areas are healing up nicely with less restrictions. I feel fortunate to know that I can turn to you and get quick results. Truly Invaluable!! Thanking You very much for your Hospitality and Time.See you soon.
  15. Today it was my first time with Giovanni. When i had last waxing on my back somewhere else in London it was so painful and the lady wasn,t very proffesional. When he first open the door he welcomed me with his lovely smile and after 2 minutes chatting with him it looked like i knew him for a long time. In the treatment he is the best proffesional i ever met. The waxing wasn’t as painful as i thought as he is so precise and always trying to make you feel comfortable. After being with him i feel absolutely confident to come back for waxing and he will be my therapist for ever. I highly recomend his services to everyone Thank you very much Giovanni for being awesome and i will see you very soon again Hugo.
  16. I last commented here in 2012 and to start 2015 I just want to say that I am as happy as ever with the remarkable range of massages and forms of passive and resistance stretching I have received from Giovanni, the perfect supplement and complement to my exercise regime and daily life. I am more flexible than I’ve been for years, I’ve not had a moment of boredom as the treatments are ever inventive and he is always learning new movements, varying the routines and still giving in a way that is quite remarkable. Become a regular!!
  17. Giovanni’s waxing treatment is absolutely phenomenal… its that simple. I visited him yesterday and was my first EVER waxing experience and it was the best. I’m still shocked at the results and how amazing everything looks. Giovanni is very precise and consistent and gives 110% commitment in achieving the greatest results… something he does very naturally and easily. When I was in a little bit of doubt in terms of the pain of waxing, Giovanni always made sure I was comfortable and just boosted my confidence, which took away any nerves. His cheeky and charming smile and laugh also done the trick. You will not be disappointed what so ever when visiting Giovanni for any of his treatments. Thank you! I will be back very soon. Jack
  18. I went for a full body wax yesterday with Giovanni, I am so happy with the results and I will return soon., he made me feel really relaxed. thank you so much.
  19. I never experienced such a wonderful massage.He is a kindly friendly guy with a warm personality. Extremely knowledgeable about massage, I felt absolute relaxed and energetic after his magical hands did there work on me. I can sincerely recommend him to everyone he is really special. Thanks Gio.
  20. From the time I made contact with Gio, I felt if I as known him for a long time. He gives a truly amazing massage. He is a superb masseur and has magical hands. I have had massages in nearly every country in the world and none of them come anywhere near the standard that Gio gives. All way through the massage I felt really as if I was floating along on the sea. His massage room and his flat are superbly decorated and immaculately clean.The music is so relaxing that follows you all the way to the bathroom. All in all just really nice guy who is exceptionally good at what he does. I will definitely be making another appointment to see him as soon as possible. Thank you once again Gio. Jeff.
  21. I had a most enjoyable afternoon being looked after by Gio. I booked a facial and intimate waxing.I came out a new man!I highly recommend this attentive guy. He makes you feel special, he would say “you are special”!! Next week I am going for the massage… book and find out for yourself, Gio is all and more. Thank you.
  22. Gio is a very kind and gentle guy,with excellent English. He has a great apartment that is ideal for a calm and relaxing massage. Good atmosphere, very neat and tidy and immaculately clean. I went for a 2-hour massage and enjoyed every minute. Gio provided the pressure that was right for me. There was green tea to start and a cosy chat then the massage with no time watching. The whole experience was relaxing and enjoyable and watched over by three curious fish in a tank. I would recommend him.
  23. First of all i wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did…the massage was beyond amazing second, i wanted to tell you that the waxing part was great, after i got done, i trimmed the triangle with the clipper and i showed me best friend (a girl) the job and she thought it was very skillfull and such a clean job was made..she sees me naked all the time and she says your job made my cock look bigger than it really is and gave it more shape..and that it looked cleaner having all the hair removed from between the legs and crack, she was so jealous that my ass looked nicer than hers lol…i even met a guy while i was in london and he also commented on how good it looked and he couldn't stop (wink) so once again i thank you very very much for the wonderful job and for making me feel very comfortable during the whole process. you were very professional, clean and friendly. in salons they make you feel a bit awkward but i felt completely at home at your place, and thanks for showering facility. My question is now i am back in egypt and there is no waxing salons here and i need another wax done same as the one u gave me, i can shave, use clippers, or buy wax and do it by myself, however i never waxed myself before so what would you recommend would be the best?
  24. Ben
    Best massage ever! I feel 10 years younger after seeing Giovanni! He is utterly professional, kind, relaxed and easy to talk to and he quickly put me completely at ease. He pitched the massage perfectly in terms of pressure and touch without me having to say a word. An amazing experience which leaves me feeling totally relaxed and reinvigorated.
  25. Tom
    This boy is a magician. One never leaves without having had the finest treatment and care. Totally discreet and trustworthy.very much worth visiting and experiencing. Tom
  26. I have been to Giovanni twice in September, and he is an excellent therapist. His hands are holistic, and the massage I had was gorgeuos. Giovanni is quite spoken, the room is dark with candles, and the smell of insense, a peaceful and relaxing environment. As other comments mention, he is a wonderful sexy guy. A wonderful place to go for a massage or other treatments.
  27. Giovanni is an exceptional masseur and therapist not just because of his skill and his inventiveness (as a regular client I am never bored and he always has new stretches or moves to try), but because he gives genereously with his own strength, his own energy enables the client to receive it… remarkable! Adrian London E1
  28. Thank You. I’m a middle aged professional and have been under the care of Giovanni for quite som time and since the injury of my lower back. I travel between the US and Europe on a regular basis. When I’m in London I contract with Giovanni for a professional massage to help me with the pain and stress of the traveling and my injury. Giovanni knows what kind of massage to treat me with and always knows how to care for me without causing any further injury. I have had massages all over the world and I have to claim that the massages that I receive from you are the BEST !!! Giovanni is always and very professional, caring of you and your needs, and is very educated of all aspects and types of massage. I highly recommend him and his work. You will not be disappointed !!!
  29. after a perfect and relaxed massage by Giovanni, he suggested a body stretching session which I didn’t know what to expect. Under his professional advice and guidance, he managed to make me realise that I could achieve so many types of body stretching exercise that I previously thought impossible to accomplish. Giovanni is professional, knowledgeable and a true expert in what he is offering to his clients. A very highly recommendable service not be missed especially the body stretching exercise!
  30. Giovanni is an amazing beauty therapist! I regularly visit him for waxing and every time I receive a top service with great results. He is highly professional and gives you very helpful advice and suggestions before and after every treatment. He always uses high quality products and his treatment room is absolutely delightful and welcoming. Moreover, he is such a nice, warm, friendly and sexy guy and makes you feel comfortable at all times. I would happily recommend Giovanni to everybody. Thank you Ciao Francesco
  31. Giovanni has a lovely warm, clean and confortable flat near to the City and I have had treatment from him regularly for the past 8 months.Giovanni gives a superb deep tissue massage which is totalling relaxing and beneficial for my lower back problem. Recently, I have also infra-red treatment to soothe my lower back pain. I had waxing as well with a great result!! the latter being a wonderful experience with pleasing results! Giovanni is great to chat to he is totalling dedicated to putting your needs first.
  32. I have been having Massages from Giovanni since he qualified five years ago. He was top student on his Massage and Beauty Therapy Course and I can understand why…..his massages are superb. Not only does he know a wide range of techniques but adapts them to meet my individual needs at each massage. He has a superb empathy with the body and I am always completely relaxed in his hands. I feel its an unique experience. Thank you very much.

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