Waxing Price List

The pictures are taken straight after the waxing, bear in mind the redness will disappear  with in few hours of waxing.  

Under arms - £10 (premium egyptian wax) - £15

Half leg (s) £15 (suitable for tattooed guys) (premium egyptian wax) - £20

Both legs - £30 (premium egyptian wax) - £ 40

Half arm - £15 (suitable for tattooed guys)  (premium egyptian wax) - £20

Both arms - £26  (premium egyptian wax) - £30

Back - from £25  (premium egyptian wax) - from £30

Chest and abs - from £25  (premium egyptian wax) - from £30

Chest only - £25  (premium egyptian wax) - £30

Hands only - £5 (premium egyptian wax) - £10

Abs - from £10 (premium egyptian wax)  - from - £15

Chest - from £10 (premium egyptian wax)  - from - £15

Upper back & shoulders - £20 (premium egyptian wax) - £30

Speedo line - £15 (premium egyptian wax) - £20

Butt only - £25  (premium egyptian wax)  - £30

Butt crack only - £30 (premium egyptian wax) - £35

Balls - £25  (premium egyptian wax) - £30

Balls and ring of penis - £40 (premium egyptian wax) - £45

Boyzillian (sack/penis/pubic hair) - £45 (premium egyptian wax) - £55

Hollywood - £50 (premium egyptian wax) - £60

Waxing Station

Waxing station


Waxing is now one of the most popular of removing unwanted body hair. Now available top to toe, but the most popular is the "BOYZILIANS"

Is the equivalent of the female waxing “Brazilian” the hair are removed from around the shaft, balls, crack and the back side (buttocks) using Premium Egyptian Wax which is gentle to the skin and almost painless. After you have it it will enhance your sexual confidence 100%. You can even have a “Hollywood” which is all hair off around the intimate areas which are pubic, shaft, crack, bum, or alternatively you can pick and choose the parts you want smooth and where you want your hair left like natural.
You don’t have to have it done but if you want to try a new look you wont be disappointed. Your bush can disappear and you will be on trend with the new generations to come. Also will be more hygienic as bacteria lies on sweaty body hair. It will enhance the appearance of your Package to look bigger.
It does hurts a bit but if a women can do it then a man can do without worrying. I use the finest quality of wax in the market design to be almost painless, Egyptian Premium Wax so even your first time wont be bad and if you like a bit of pain like I do then you will be aroused all the time while you get waxed.

Penis Waxing.

This video shows how perform the intimate waxing. 

Note: Because of the camera I had to adapt the waxing to show the best way possible. The video was taken with a normal camera phone, apologies for the poor quality.